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Meet the industry heavyweights behind Created

Created Team

We never stop learning…

With technology moving at a rate of knots and trends changing constantly, you can’t afford to fall behind. But how do you do it in this fast-paced world? At Created, we’ve got top industry brains on our side, so you do too! We can all learn from their insight, wisdom, and expertise.

But who are these industry sages we speak of? Created’s Industry Board is a panel of passionate, knowledgeable representatives who keep our courses grounded in the work and skills you’re yearning for.

So let’s meet them!

Above: Julia Hoffman, Executive Director of Google Creative Labs

Julia Hoffman

Executive Director of Google Creative Labs

It’s fair to say Julia gets design and creativity. She studied Graphic Design at the School of Visual Arts before becoming the Creative Director for MOMA in New York. She later built the global brand studio for Etsy, before she moved on to run the central creative team for EF. We now know her as the Executive Creative Director at Creative Lab for EMEA, where she leads the creative and innovation team.

Julia joined our Industry Board because she believes, “school and the real world should never exist in a vacuum. They should always inform each other“. She loves, “being in touch with a new generation of students, and a pool of fresh new candidates she can hire.”

Stuart Watson, Nomad Studios
Above: Stuart Watson, Founder of Nomad Studios

Stuart Watson

Founder and Creative Director of Nomad Studios

Despite Stu’s 20 years in the industry, his passion shows no signs of dwindling. Forming Nomad in 2016, his clients now include Premier League, Sky Sports, The FA, Super League, Disney, Sky, Eurosport… the list goes on.

After uni, Stu was hand-picked to work at Wolff Olins in New York before moving to V3 (Venture 3). His 11 years at V3 gave him the confidence to start Nomad and focus on digital branding.

Stu joined our Industry Board because he believes in, “paying it back”. His big break came from someone giving him a chance and he sees Created as a way to, “help people from any background get into the industry and level the playing field.

Above: Ben Lloyd, Creative Director at R/GA

Ben Lloyd

Creative Director at R/GA

After three years at Dare, working with clients like Aviva, EE and Investec, Ben’s focus is now on systemic thinking, creative direction and storytelling.

As Creative Director at R/GA, Ben designs experiences across systems and stories for brands, including his latest challenge: leading the strategic and creative output for the multi-award-winning McDonalds Happy Meal App.

Ben joined our Industry Board because he’s experienced how standard education fails to prepare creatives for the real world. He fully supports our approach to closing this gap.

He thinks, “it’s super-critical to be close to the industry while you learn,” and with Created, “you get to gain the skills applicable to the industry,” with briefs which, “structurally go hand in hand with the way we work alongside our clients”.


Above: James Greenfield, Creative Director and Founder of Studio Koto

James Greenfield

Creative Director and Founder of Studio Koto

James has 20 years of experience in the industry. After graduating with a degree he moved to London hoping for his big break. Since then he’s worked in various design disciplines including broadcast, branding and graphic design

It wasn’t until he held the position of an Executive Creative Director, he realised he wanted to set up his own company: Studio Koto. Now, they have 55 employees globally, across Berlin, London and LA, and impressive clients like Airbnb, Peloton and Uber.

James decided to join our Industry Board because he believes education doesn’t stop at 21. To him, Created, “feels like…a continuity of learning”. He’s also a fan of people challenging the status quo, as it, “helps shift culture: the way we think about the way things should be in the world,” especially in education.

James has also set a brief for the UI Design Professional course. He wants students to learn every part of being a UI designer, not just focus on designing the logo!

Roberta Ronsivalle Pearce
Above: Roberta Ronsivalle Pearce, Founder and Creator of Namah & Partners

Roberta Ronsivalle-Pearce

Founder and Creator of Namah & Partners

Before founding Namah and Partners, Roberta co-owned and led an award-winning branding design firm in New York for over 13 years. She worked internationally across several sectors, creating compelling strategies to propel brands into the future.

Roberta’s company is dedicated to unlocking creative leadership in individuals, teams, and organisations. She asks her clients to dig deep and tap into their emotional, intuitive and creative inner resources.

She joined the Industry Board as her passion also revolves around supporting new talents within the industry, just like us! She believes that “creativity can be used also to design your own life and career with purpose and vision.”

Above: Adam Jenns, Founder and Creator of Mainframe & Cavalry

Adam Jenns

Founder and Creator of Mainframe & Cavalry

Adam is a motion design pioneer. In 1998, aged 23, he started Mainframe, an animation company working with the first wave of motion design technology. He’s now working with heavyweight clients like Apple, Aston Martin, BBC, Adidas and Honda. He’s also a co-owner of Scene Group, the company behind Calvary, a brand new motion design and animation application.

Adam joined the Industry Board because he feels, “universities aren’t brilliant at creating that link between industry and education”. He also wants to shake up the UK’s slow response to the creative market. For example, he’d been working in the industry for 10 years before he heard of unis starting to offer motion design courses.

For Adam, getting involved with Created means “we could help a lot of people and prepare them to join studios like ours and others around the country.”


We’re beyond grateful and excited to have these awe-inspiring experts on our side. We can’t wait to share their knowledge with you, on your way to being pro creatives. Maybe one day, you’ll be up there with them!

Interested in one of our courses? Why not check ’em out…

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