Graduate Testimonials

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Get an insight into what it’s like to study with Created. Hear our graduates’ stories, where they’ve come from, their experiences with Created and what their futures hold.

Alana Matos
Senior Product Designer
Joshua Wright
Motion Designer
Pili Enrich
Freelance Motion Graphic Designer
Idrees Saleem
Motion Designer
Laura Sybre
Freelance Motion Designer
Gajan Panchalingam
Freelance Designer
Andrius Vizabaras
Motion Designer
Charlotte Temple
Midweight Designer

Visual Design Foundation

October 2020 Graduate Showreel

John Collins
Freelance Motion & Graphic Designer
Katie Goodwin
Moving Image Artist
Joe Blaxland
Motion Designer
Cat Maciver
Graphic Designer
Trix Singh
Motion Designer
Theresa Kerschner
Art Director
Marty McCrossan
Freelance Animator & TV Commentator
Kate Fit
Freelance Motion Designer

Motion Design Professional

December 2020 Graduate Showreel

Stephanie Garcia
Creative Designer
Martin Hamilton
Freelance Graphic Designer
Ben Stevenson
Video Editor
Kieran David
Seb Camilleri
Junior Motion Designer
Olga Romanenko
Graphic Designer
Chris Dowse
Social Media Manager
David Bongard
Freelance Graphic Designer
Sonal Mistry
Junior Designer
Kurt Klynen
Learning Experience Architect
Alex Evans
Design Director

Motion Design Foundation

January 2021 Graduate Showreel

Stay tuned for more showreels and testimonials from our current Motion and Visual Design students.

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