Created Lates with Hello Savants: Finding inspiration

Zoe Weldon, Created

For our final Created Lates of 2020, we were mesmerised and inspired by the work and wisdom of Hello Savants, a collective co-founded by Marco Galmacci.

Marco blew us away with his striking project The Sole of Kobo, an animated tour de force celebrating 100 years of ASICS sport shoes. Hello Savants won the brief with a pitch promising Japanese brushwork galore, before going on to deliver a hand painted masterpiece in 2D, 3D and a dash of rotoscoping for good measure.

Marco mused on the beauty and limits of animating in Photoshop, the intricacy of developing customised watercolour brushes, the art of rotoscoping and the perils and rewards of working with your best mates.

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Why was this project created in Photoshop?

When you think of motion design, you think of firing up After Effects or Cinema 4D. But Marco explained that sticking with what you know (in this case Photoshop) is what’s important. Moreover, when working within limited parameters, don’t be surprised if that creates superior results as it forces you to think outside of that proverbial box.

What’s the most important part of working in a team?

Hello Savants is a creative collective made of best buds, so we grilled Marco on the challenges that can undoubtedly arise from such a dynamic. Open communication is vital, but some of his other answers may surprise you…

How does Hello Savants work?

Hello Savants don’t really do hierarchies. Sounds rather romantic, but how does that actually work in practice?

Where do you get your inspiration?

Experiment with different mediums and don’t be afraid to fail. Marco says it will shake up your process and the unique results will inspire and encourage you to further explore other executions. It’s a total creative cycle.

The biggest bit of advice you could give a creative?

At every Created Lates, we ask the host to impart their pearls of wisdom for those looking to crack the industry or switch gears. Marco’s recommendation? Dare to be yourself.

Want more?

Need we ask? Get your chops around the full session below.

Created Lates will make a triumphant return on 13th January 2021. We’ll be joined by motion design royalty, Mainframe. They’ll be treating you to a sneak peak of their highly anticipated software set to revolutionise the way we work in motion.

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