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Motion Design Professional Graduates….

Our 9-months professional course is designed to get our students ready for the real world. They’ve worked on real industry-briefs and received feedback from our Industry Partners.

We’ve collated all the work produced by each class on the course and are proud to present it to you.

Graduating Class of November 2019

Graduates: Alex Evans, Alex Walton, Andrius Vizbaras, Charlotte Temple, Craig Campbell, Dale McCauley, Idrees Saleem, Jonoi Messam, Kymberly Mumford, Laura Syrbe, Leah Selby, Mirsab Janjua, Seb Camilleri

Graduating Class of July 2020

Graduates: Alec Findlay, Baptiste Gratzmuller, Ben Stevenson, Bob Benniman, Catalina Walker, Danielle Ariza, David Bongard, Den Salazar, Eliza Robinson, Ema Saric, Güzen Danube, James Draper, Joe Blaxland, John Collins, Joshua Wright, Kaelum Edwards, Karnn Bhullar, Kate Fit, Kieran David, Madihah Hussain, Marvin Mac Intosh, Miju Ariyo, Nick Keeble, Patricia Lopez, Pili Enrich, Rowena Sheehan, Santiago Cuartas, Tanita Cox, Theresa Kerschner

Motion Design Foundation Graduates….

Our 3-months Motion Design Foundation course is designed to get students ready for the industry, they are taught technical skills to continue on their motion design journey.

We’ve collated each graduating class’ work, so you can see what they produce over the 3 months.

Graduating class of September 2020

Graduates: Anna Wancyzk, Ashley Adams, Cat Maciver, Daniel Hiscoke, Katherine Fardell, Marta Mateu Lloveras, Martin Hamilton, Rebecca Allen-Cavanagh

Graduating class of October 2020

Graduates: Katie Goodwin, Jade Loh, Bryon Howes, Maria Frantzoulou, Jake Bennett, Nicholas Aquilina Manche, Jess Bennion, Suzanne Fletcher

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