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The Journey of a Motion Design Student

Zoe Weldon & Stephanie Garville, Created

If you’ve ever wondered exactly what goes on behind the scenes of the Motion Design Professional course, this is the article for you.

We don’t teach just software. We instill the skills employers, recruiters and clients prize just as much, if not more. These include agility, storytelling, pitching and collaboration. You might think you know how to do these things already. But could you do this all remotely, to the standards expected? Does your portfolio prove you can?

Here to tell you how they went from tutorial dabbling to fully fledged pro motion designer are Created Alumni Pili and Josh.

Meet Pili and Josh

They enrolled on Motion Design Professional in October 2019.

Pili was working full-time as a graphic designer for an international sports federation and signed up with the goal of becoming a freelance motion designer. Meanwhile, Josh was earning his crust as a Digital Designer at Adyllic, a media agency based in London, but felt like he wasn’t growing.

Both had design experience but were looking to upskill and move into a different area of design. Stick with us to find out if they did…

Pili and Josh’s Motion Design Professional journeys

Block 1-3: Time for Technical

Brief: Create animated shots in 2D and 3D
For the first 3 months, our motion design students get to grips with After Effects and C4D, two applications synonymous with motion design. You’ll also refresh your design principles, digging into typography and learning the all-important pre-production process and formula for creating a winning pitch deck.

Experts like Thiago Maia, founder of Cookie Studio and See No Evil and Bafta award-winning designer Laurie Rowan offer guidance and instruction to intrepid students in both the learning platform as well as online events.

Live group mentoring is also available along the way and students will have submitted a full pitch deck (including moodboard, storyboard and styleframes), an animatic (an animated version of their storyboard) and some animated 2D and 3D shots.

Take a gander at some of Pili’s pitch. 👇

Swoon over some of Josh’s final shots.

At the end of Block 3, our motion design students are matched with an industry expert who gives feedback on the project, holding it to the industry standard for comparison. The industry expert in this block is looking at their technical application, use of design principles and animation execution.

Block 4 : Going Pro with Framestore

Brief: Design and pitch a concept for a 30 second HD title sequence for the World Snooker Championship.

Having explored the fundamentals, from here the course focuses on how to work on industry briefs and learning the skills that are needed to be a job-ready creative. We call this the Industry Ready Skill Set. Each motion design student is assigned a mentor to help them develop professional-grade skills, as well as a coach who’ll help them smash their career goals.

The Block 4 brief is set by our industry partner and Oscar-winning studio, Framestore. Everything you’ve ever watched in your life, they’ve probably had their hand in, including clients like Disney, Netflix and Warner Bros.

Each student has to pitch their ideas against their peers, with the winning pitchers then becoming team leaders. Everyone works on creating a storyboard treatment together – just like in the industry.

Students push their creative problem solving and design thinking skills, as well as boost their self-leadership, emotional intelligence and adaptability…All essentials which lead to collaborating successfully.

On top of mentoring sessions, the motion design students attend live Q&As in the evenings, one of which was with lead designer at Framestore David Lochead. Talk about hearing it from the horse’s mouth! (Sorry David)

Pili worked on another student’s winning pitch, focusing on storyboard and individual animated frames.

Above: A section of Block 4 submission - Kharn Bhuller Team Leader

Josh won the pitch and so directed his team on creating the storyboard, highlights and bumper.

Josh Wright Team Block 4 Submission

Block 5: Social strategy like you mean it

This brief is killer. It’s all about art direction and collaboration on a live social media project at scale. Each team chooses a Billboard Top 10 musician and creates their brand bible, a content plan and all the posts for a 10-day social media campaign.

Motion design students work on communication, collaboration and project management skills. It can be challenging, thus 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring helps our lot practically overcome obstacles.

Pili’s team chose Tones and I as their artist and launched Tones in Motion. Enjoy the video to see a sample of their brand guidelines, content plan and of course a selection of posts from the ‘gram.

Josh’s team created a campaign for the incomparable Lady Gaga with the handle Chro.motion

Block 6: Working with big brands

This block is about tapping into their core animation skills and ability to work within a commercial brief whilst adhering to brand guidelines.

Our motion design students return to working individually, with 1-2-1 mentoring. The aim is to create social content for a product launch campaign. This was about working with an established brand and ensuring all eyes are on the hero product.

Check out Pili’s poppin’ social campaign.

Josh shows us how to work a unique colour palette.

Block 7: Industry secrets

This project brings together all the technical skills learnt on the course, alongside the Industry ready skill set we’ve highlighted. The brief was set by creative organisation GLUG and studio Mainframe. Their brief was about ethical design and user-generated content and provided a chance for our motion design students to experience an end-to-end brief process, including meeting the client and pitching the concept at the end.

As this is a live brief we cannot reveal the incredible work until Pride 2021. Trust us, it’ll be worth the wait!

Where are they now?

Pili’s achieved her goal of becoming a freelance Motion Designer and moving back to her home in Menorca. She’s still very much part of the Created community, having made lifelong friends and collaborators on the course.

Josh also has had a fairytale ending (or should we say beginning) and has been hired by Nordic Entertainment Group as a full time Motion Designer.

Pili and Josh aren’t the only ones doing us proud. Check out the rest of our grads to find out more about our community’s adventures in motion.

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Motion Designer
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Freelance Motion Designer
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Video Editor
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Midweight Designer

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