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Future-proof your skillset. A Motion and UI Design Open Evening.

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Missed our recent Open Evening? Need a refresh of the key deets?

No fear! We’ve got you covered with this breakdown of the night.

Important dates to remember: 15 April is the deadline to enrol on our Motion or UI Design Professional course. After this date, you’ll have to wait till October to get your design fix. Don’t put off until tomorrow, what you should do today. Seriously.

A host of experts including industry partners, mentors, and former students gave the lowdown on how our Motion Design and UI Design Professional courses work and the impact enrolling has had on our participants.

image of all our speakers at the event
Above: Motion Design: Former ETC Director, George Dyson, Mentor: Dexter George, Alumnus: Josh Wright and Daniella Gyambibi. UI Design: Jonny and Leigh from Toyfight, Mentor: Rabeea Wajeeh, Alumnus: Stephanie Garcia and Gajan Panchalingam
Dom Davenport, CEO of Created
Above: Dom Davenport, CEO of Created

What makes Created courses different?

Our goal is to enhance the career prospects of creative people

Dom Davenport, Created CEO

All our courses are centered around Industry-set briefs. These are set by leading companies, brands and studios such as ToyfightKotoNomad Studios and ETC, with the intention of preparing you for the realities of the industry. You’ll leave our professional courses ready to launch a career in motion or UI Design.

What do we teach?

Created was born out of a response to the changing needs of the design and creative industries.

Dom Davenport

From creative directors, studio owners, to senior recruiters – out of the vast numbers of experts we spoke to, every single one insisted on hiring creatives with not only the right technical skillset but the right mindset too. Knowing what the buttons do in the software is only a fraction of the story, they’re looking for well-rounded creatives.

As the landscape changes, our courses change with them.

So, what are those skills?

Professional skills – communication, collaboration and commercial awareness
Personal skills – self-awareness, initiative and leadership skills
Practical skills – follow the process, sell yourself and present your work

Our courses are designed to help you flourish in all of these areas, now and for the future.

Headshot of George Dyson
Above: George Dyson, Former Director at ETC, Motion Designer and Created Mentor

Why do I need to upskill?

It has been such a fruitful year for motion design. There's work out there for designers.

George Dyson, Industry partner and Created Mentor

In this digital world, both Motion and UI design are booming, never more so than now.

Many of our students are sponsored by their companies to upskill with Created. Organisations are recognising the critical importance of having designers with digital skills. Motion design is everywhere and only getting bigger, UI designers are more in demand than ever before.

headshot of Rabeea Wajeeah
Above: Rabeea Wajeeha, UI Expert and Created Mentor

What is mentoring?

My job is to guide you. I’ll answer questions about the briefs and industry. I’ll help you develop critical thinking skills

Rabeea Wajeeha, UI Design Mentor

How does mentoring work?

  • On the Foundation course, you get five group mentoring sessions
  • On the Professional course, you get six group mentoring sessions and three 1-2-1 mentoring sessions


Dom Davenport, CEO of Created
Above: Dom Davenport, CEO of Created

What is coaching?

Coaching will unblock barriers that are holding you back in your life and career

Dom Davenport

How does coaching work?

  • On the Professional course, you get four 1-2-1 coaching sessions
  • You can book your coach through our booking online system
headshot of Josh Wright
Above: Josh Wright, Motion Design Alumnus

What do students say?

We invited graduates to share their experiences during and beyond the course.

Within 3 months of graduating from Created, I had secured a full-time job

Josh Wright, Motion Design Alumnus

Meet Josh, an Illustration graduate and a working Graphic Designer at the time of enrolling. On finding his design role leaning increasingly towards motion, he chose Created for its flexibility and its coverage of software skills. The real deal-breaker for Josh, however, was the coaching and mentoring

You can track Josh’s journey with Created here.

Check out the work he produced whilst at Created:

headshot of Stephanie Garcia
Above: Stephanie Garcia, UI Design Alumnus

I started on the Foundation course and loved it so much I'm joining the Professional course.

Stephanie Garcia, UI Design Alumnus

Meet Stephanie, who graduated from our Foundation course in January 2021.

Having studied Communications and Multimedia, Stephanie decided to join Created as her time at uni seemed unfocused and she found she was mostly Googling to supplement her learning.

She was attracted to the part-time learning component with Created and worked alongside our course. So beneficial was her experience, she’s now enrolled on UI Design Professional. We’re delighted to welcome her back in April!

Check out the high-fidelity prototype Stephanie produced on the course:

Relive the night

Don’t forget to enrol before 6 April 2021 to receive a £500 discount to boot.

Got questions? Get in touch with Kim from our Admissions team.

Why not read about what jobs you could do as a motion designer? Or, get to grips with the difference between UI and UX design.


Ready to roll?

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