The go-to guide for creative design events in London

Silvia Ferrari, Created Learning Support

Are you new to the creative industries? Do you want to get involved but not really sure where to start? The answer is simple: you have to get out there, make connections and join inspiring creative communities. You know, good ol’ networking. You might not know where to begin right now, but that’s okay: that’s precisely why we’re here to help you with our directory of events in London covering creative, graphic and motion design.

The key to getting started is knowing where to go. So if you’re in London and have got a free evening, stick these in your diary. These events, meet-ups, groups, events and resources (which are either free or inexpensive) will help you gain new knowledge, make new friends and propel your career in the right direction. So without further ado, here they are:

New Designers

New Designers

Ever heard of New Designers? In case you haven’t, you need to check it out. An international event happening across two weekends on June 26-29 and July 3-6, New Designers gives a voice and a stage to new design talent, giving them the chance to connect with the design education and industry. Tickets are running low, so in case this is something up your alley, you better grab one as soon as you can.

Nicer Tuesdays


Nicer Tuesdays

You must have heard of Nicer Tuesdays, a monthly event organised by the design agency It’s Nice That. Attended by hundreds and featuring talks by giants of the creative industries every last Tuesday of the month, this is definitely a great opportunity for you to immerse yourself in a huge and inspiring creative community.

See No Evil

See No Evil

If you’re into animation, motion design or illustration to the slightest degree, you must know See No Evil. Founded by our friend Thiago Maia, this is a bi-monthly event where amazing studios, agencies and artists from all over the world share their creative processes and unveil a secret or two about making it in the industry. If you feel like hanging out with like-minded people and see the work of amazing artists while sipping on a pint, this is definitely the place to be.

Make Club

Make Club – Make Your Ideas Happen Together

If you need to work on ideation and communication, this is something for you. At Make Club, creatives meet up every Wednesday to build up on each other ideas, try to make them happen and get feedback, all in one evening. This is a great way to make connections with creative-minded individuals, and a chance for you to share and make your ideas come to life. At least a little. Their motto sums it up pretty well: “Stop talking. Start Making.”

How to: Ignite Creativity


How To: Ignite Creativity

If you’re up for something different, a bit more academical perhaps, then this is it. A one-off event from How to: Academy, this is a masterclass about the science and creativity led by Stephen Bayley, founder of the Design Museum, and advertising executive and author Roger Mavity. Starting from the premise that creativity permeates every aspect of life, Bayley and Mavity will dive deep into the myths of creativity and explore questions such as “Where do idea come from?” “How can we tell great ideas from terrible ones?”. Set to be an interesting one, this event is happening next week, on March 6th. So grab a ticket before it’s too late.

London Motion


London Motion Meet Up

London Motion aims at nurturing the motion design community in London, by discussing techniques, principles and methods among its members. They’re online (on Facebook) but also regularly organise meet ups in East London to help motion creatives connect and get new talent through the door. Keep an eye on their Meet Up page to know when the next one is on.

London Cinema 4D Meet up

London Cinema 4D Meet Up

More specific to one type of software, London Cinema 4D Meet Up meets up once a month to discuss, indeed, Cinema 4D. Open to anyone, from newbies to experts, this group can be a chance for you to exchange knowledge, make connections and keep up with this ever-evolving piece of software.

Motion Hatch Community

Motion Hatch

Motion Hatch, founded by Hayley Akins, is truly a gem of a community all focused on motion design and animation. Boasting thousands of members, you can find them on Facebook, where they’re ready to help out with tips, thoughts, insights for any creative needing a hand. Keep an eye on their website too – they release a podcast about the business side of motion design and animation every two weeks and regularly host talks and events.

Created Lates


Created Lates

And last but not least, our very own Created Lates. In collaboration with our industry partners, we give you the opportunity to connect with the professionals working for some of the most well-known studios and agencies in London – Framestore, BBC Creative, Mainframe, venturethree to name a few. If you want to get exclusive insights in their creative processes, get feedback on your work, meet like-minded people and have a drink or two, make sure to keep an eye on our website and social profiles. The next one will be announced pretty soon!  

….that lot should keep you busy!

So there you have it: an eclectic mix of events and resources to get you up and running in your creative career. Make sure you sign up for some of these events and put yourself out there with creative communities that are open and ready to help you start your journey.

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