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Created In Motion Design

Course Overview

Created In Motion Design is our first, flagship course – nine months and part time, built to help you land your dream career in motion graphics and design.

Whether your background is in illustration, graphic design, animation or something similar, our course will give you the mindset, skillset and portfolio to accelerate your career. All delivered by pros in the field.

You’ll tackle industry briefs, build your professional skills and dive into personal development. You’ll work, support and collaborate with other career-hungry creatives and will leave with everything you need to join the next generation of creative talent. Ready?

  • How you'll learn

    People learn best by doing. That’s exactly why Created courses are built around tasks, briefs, and making stuff. You’ll work on real industry projects, following the Created process until you’re presenting a final concept to the client themselves.

    People also learn best when they define their own schedule. We know how busy people can be, so our course blends in-person and online elements to fit around you. You’ll work in groups and individually, in London and remotely, giving feedback and sharing skills.

    All this is framed within our very own Whole Creative model. We build your experience to make sure it covers the personal, professional, and practical.

  • What you'll learn

    We asked the experts in the motion design industry what they think is important when hiring new recruits. The results couldn’t have been clearer; they look for fully rounded people. They expect high levels of skill, but also great sense of professionalism and a deep self-awareness.

    So, on Created In Motion Design you’ll learn:

    • Practical skills to level-up your motion design work and produce up to six brilliant new pieces for your portfolio, helping you stand out from the crowd at interviews – all with feedback and support from industry experts.
    • Personal development that builds your self-awareness and gives you a better understanding of your motivations, mindset, strengths, values, habits and natural working style so you can perform at your best – all with the help of your professional coach.
    • The professional competencies you need to work collaboratively, communicate effectively across lots of platforms and show real understanding of methods the industry uses – all with the help of your industry mentor.
  • What you'll get

    We’ve packed the course with everything you need to accelerate your career in motion design.

    You’ll get real industry experience, collaborating with working professionals on industry-standard briefs at external agencies, internal agencies and brands.

    Every project on a Created course is unique. You’ll work on at least six during the nine months that’ll help you build a stellar portfolio. No cookie cutter nonsense here, only beautiful, original work you can be proud of.

    You’ll also grow your network, working with other people on the course as well as creatives already in the industry.

    On top of this, you’ll get:

    • Six 1-to-1 personal coaching sessions
    • Six 1-to-1 sessions with your industry mentor
    • Nine month access to our online learning content
  • Course Cost

    The course cost varies slightly, depending on which payment option you choose:

    Option1: Pay in full
    £4,900, paid in full, up-front
    A non-refundable £500 deposit is needed up-front to secure your place

    Option 2: Pay monthly
    £5,250, paid in monthly instalments (from £472 / month, payable over 9 months)
    A non-refundable £1000 deposit is needed up-front to secure your place

Course Duration

9 Months, part time

Course Structure

7 modules, 3-5 weeks each

Course Delivery

Online and in person

Live Events

8 London-based events

Industry Briefs

Up to 6 projects for your portfolio

Pro Coaching

6 1-to-1 sessions

Pro Mentoring

6 1-to-1 sessions

Course Cost

From £4900

Tech Requirements

Creative Cloud: AI. PS. AE. ID.

Our Industry Experts

We’re lucky to have the input, insights and guidance from these brilliant experts throughout Created In Motion Design. They’ve all contributed to the course and you’ll have the chance to pick their brains at our live events, or via the online learning content.

Laurence Honderick Head of Design, BBC Creative
Laurence has over 10 years’ experience at the top end of the creative industries. His career highlights have included Design Lead work on the ITV Be brand creation, nailing the Creative Director role the BBC Proms refresh, and oversight of a multidisciplinary, multi-technical team of 30+ designers at BBC Creative. He believes that the modern academic approach to learning design often leaves students with an impractical set of tools for the real world, and he’s keen to do what he can to help repair this unfortunate incongruity.

Your Mentors

Created Mentors are working creatives just a few years ahead of you who’ve already walked the path you’re just starting out on.

We’ve trained them in mentoring so they can guide you on the professional and practical elements of your Created journey.

A mentor’s there to guide you in the areas that they know well, doling out wisdom from their real life experiences. They won’t hand out the answers, they’ll help you find the solutions yourself.

They’ll help you to build your portfolio and projects over 6 remote, in-person mentoring sessions throughout the course.

Steven Kelly
Motion Designer
Nicola Gastaldi
Director Gasta LTD
Motion Designer
George Dyson
Motion Designer
Michael Drayton
BBC Creative
Motion Designer

Your Coaches

Created Coaches are here to support you through the personal development part of your Created journey.

Separate from your Created Mentors, they’re trained experts in personal performance coaching with the right tools and techniques to help you get a better understanding of you. They’ll help you perform better at work, support your creativity and thrive when things get tough.

Created Coaches have all worked in the creative industries so they fully understand the world you’re get into. You’ll meet yours on the first day of the course, then after that you’ll have six sessions with them throughout the journey.

Hannah Allen
Performance Coach
Sarah Creevey
Performance Coach

Course Requirements

Software: Photoshop, After Effects, Cinema 4D (not essential, but a definite benefit).

Technical skills:

  • Strong understanding of After Effects
  • Good Photoshop skills
  • Solid Illustrator skills
  • Basic Premier skills
  • Basic experience of Google for work apps

Got a question?

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You can also refer to our FAQs, which covers most areas and and provide answers.