How I Got Here: Yukari Schrickel

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In this podcast series you’ll get inspiration, insight and advice from a breadth of talent across the creative industry. Some are veterans in the field with a wealth of experience to share, and others just a few years into their careers, who can truly relate to anyone just starting out.

We pick their brains so you can learn about the roles, opportunities and most importantly the routes into industry! To kick off the series, we’re talking to motion designers of all levels and different backgrounds.

Episode 4: Yukari Schrickel

Yukari Schrickel - How I Got Here

We sat down with Yukari Schrickel, motion designer at Framestore. We heard all about her journey from studying Motion Media at Savannah College of Art and Design to landing a job at Framestore in London. Tune in to find out what it’s like to transition from uni to the world of work, and how developing real-life projects can be quite different than working on university assignments. Here are some of the highlights you’ll learn:

  • Creating a time log of your projects will help you build your own understanding of how long it takes you to do certain tasks.
  • Storytelling is as important as your design skills
  • Self-reflection is crucial for your progress – you need to understand where you are now and what you need to move forward, which only comes if you take time to stop, pause, reflect
  • Creating an Instagram account purely to showcase your creative projects: from work-in-progress extracts to finished pieces this can make the difference in your creative career
  • Personal projects are the way forward – they enable you to practise new skills, find your style and make the kind of work you want to do
  • Letting go of your ego is essential in commercial projects, where working as a team is paramount to achieve the client goal

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