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How to Convince Your Boss to Invest in Your Training

Jack Griffiths, Created

Convincing your boss to invest in your training might feel like a scary and uncomfortable topic.

After all, why should they invest in you?

Well, Adzuna found that 9.6% of job postings mentioned design as a required skill. This is more than jobs that required a degree and almost double those that required digital skills. Which means your skills are in demand. But with the World Economic Forum estimating that 44% of employees’ current skills will need replacing by 2025, now is not the time to rest on your laurels. Now is the time to put your plans into action.

If you want to future-proof your skill set and progress in your career, a course you can complete alongside your current role could be the answer. You can earn as you learn and implement your new skills into your job from the get go. Who knows, maybe you’ll even gain the confidence to ask for that well-deserved pay rise.

But to get the ball rolling you need a rock-solid argument for why your employer should invest in you.

With the help of the downloadable template in this resource, you can show your boss just how valuable you are and convince them to invest in your training.

Why is training important?

Design is in high demand for a reason.

Design provokes action. Design influences. Design makes people feel. It’s time for design to have a seat at the table. It’s no surprise that motion design is used in unexpected industries and UX design was LinkedIn’s 5th most valuable skill in 2020.

The world of design moves fast. There are always new technologies and new techniques to keep up with. Organisations don’t have all the skills they need to be successful, meaning there’s an opportunity for people like you who have those skills. Training plays an important role in bridging the gap.

Asking your boss to invest in your training might seem like a mountainous request, but really it’s a no brainer. Why wouldn’t they want you to create designs that resonate with your customers more? Why wouldn’t they invest in you when their competitors are investing in their employees?

Now we’ve looked at why training is important, let’s consider some of the benefits of training.

The benefits of training

Confidence at work

Ever been given a project and had no idea how to approach it? Sometimes in life you’ve got to wing it, but wouldn’t it all be much less stressful if you could grab that project by the horns and hit the ground running. Imagine knowing exactly what the end product will look like, the steps needed to get there and which resources you’ll need along the way. By displaying greater confidence, you’ll be in a stronger position to lead and support others in collaborative tasks.

You’ll be more creative

Say goodbye to approaching tasks with the same old tired process. With the right training, you can unlock new ways to tackle your workload. You can bring new ideas to the table, with the skills to go and action them.

The importance of training

Your boss will trust you more

The workplace is changing. As organisations negotiate the trials and tribulations of remote work, how do you earn your employer’s trust? They can’t physically see the hours you’re putting in, so results do the talking now more than ever. Adding new skills and qualifications to your toolbelt, especially ones you can implement into your current role, is your way to proving to your boss that they can trust you.

Increased job satisfaction

You’ll spend about one third of your life at work, so why not enjoy it? Humans are intellectual and curious beings. Training is a great way to stimulate your mind and challenge yourself. Demos found that 77% of people who learn online say it’s beneficial to their mental health. It’s simple. More satisfaction in your role, less dreaming about all the other places you’d rather be.

Career progression

Once you reap all those benefits, you’ll start to produce your best work. You’ll feel confident, empowered and satisfied, which starts to feel like a recipe for progression in your career. Progression is key in a competitive world. A PwC study identified that 77% of people were willing to retrain to stay employable. That’s a lot of people. Why fall behind when you could lead the way?

why is training important

Are you convinced yet?

By now you might be starting to realise how valuable your skills are and why you need to keep developing them.

Now it’s time to convince your boss on the importance of training.

You can use the downloadable template below to craft your argument. All you need to do is download it as a PDF or Word document, fill in the blanks and share it with your manager. We recommend you set up a meeting (or at least a video call) to discuss your options in more detail, but with this template you can take that important first step.


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