How to win at work. Software we use at Created to get the job done, well.

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Historian and Nobel Peace prize winner Christian Lous Lange once said…

“Technology is a useful servant, but a dangerous master”

He said this in 1921. He didn’t even have to contend with Candy Crush as a distraction!

There really does seem to be an app for everything – the question is, which bit of kit will really serve your productivity, inspiration, and collaboration?

We have listed the software that we use regularly at Created to get our assets designed, formatted and exported…and most importantly to get the job done, well.

Christian, we’d think you’d approve.

1. Doodle, collage, and mind-map with Adobe Fresco:

Specifically designed for your tablet or phone, this app lets you sketch, type and paint your ideas to your heart’s content. It’s perfect for professional artists to hobbyist creatives. Currently, it’s only available on the App Store for iPad and iPhone and built with the Apple Pencil in mind. The free version has enough functionality for most, but if you want to unlock some juicy features including integration with Photoshop, you can upgrade yo’ self.

At Created, we use this app to design our signature annotations and doodles. Check out Charlie using it to prep one of our promotional videos.

Paper App in practice

2. Design, edit, animate anything in After Effects

Ah, AE. The absolute essential software for any motion designer. Most designers will use it at some point, to varying degrees of success (we could totally plug our motion design course here but we won’t…).

Adobe’s tagline ‘There’s nothing you can’t create with After Effects’, is apt since it can be used at any point during the design process to combine image, video, text. It also works seamlessly as you’d expect with other Adobe software, as well as Cinema4D for 3D application.

At Created we use AE to assemble and animate our illustrations. Check out Charlie making the magic happen below:

3. Trim the fat in Premiere Pro

Most editors will use Premiere Pro in order to edit videos. This powerful bit of kit allows you to do a lot if you’re into traditional videography or even into doing something a little bit more off the wall.

Rich uses Premiere Pro to import the animated illustrations into our videos and edit them together, like so:

Adobe Premier Pro

4. Edit, mark up and review from anywhere with

This application is fantastic for any team working with video content. You can edit and mark up precise video frames, illustrate ideas with drawings, manage feedback in real-time and implement changes seamlessly. Best of all, you don’t have to be in the same room to work, so you can keep working in your PJs.

Rich uses this programme to export and save files and crucially to get feedback on the latest cuts: in practice

5. Publish for all to see.

Here’s the finished product as premiered at our Open Evening at Framestore.

So there you have it. This is just a handful of the everyday tech we use to make the content you know us for.

Like we said at the start, these are just the tools. Without clear process, constant communication and collaboration, great work is impossible. If you know you need to get your abilities in these areas up to snuff, why not check out our motion course. We’ll show you how to weave everything together so you’re winning at work too.

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