How I Got Here: Paul Dixon

Hannah Allen, Created Coach & Marketing Director

About ‘How I Got Here’

In this podcast series you’ll get inspiration, insight and advice from a breadth of talent across the creative industry. Some are veterans in the field with a wealth of experience to share, and others just a few years into their careers, who can truly relate to anyone just starting out.

We pick their brains so you can learn about the roles, opportunities and most importantly the routes into industry! To kick off the series, we’re talking to motion designers of all levels and different backgrounds.

Episode 2: Paul Dixon

We chatted to Director and Motion Designer, Paul Dixon. Paul ‘fell’ into motion design whilst working in advertising at branding and design agency V3. But after revolutionising Sky’s logo, his career as a motion designer was launched. Twenty years into his career, he now juggles live action and motion design as a freelancer. Through the dulcet tones of Paul’s midlands accent, you’ll learn:

  • The resources that helped Paul in the beginning of his career
  • The core skills he still relies on
  • Why self-teaching new software will always be key for motion designers to stay ahead of the curve
Paul Dixon | Motion Design Director

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