How I Got Here: George Dyson

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Hear directly from motion design pros

In this podcast series you’ll get inspiration, insight and advice from a breadth of talent across the creative industry. Some are veterans in the field with a wealth of experience to share, and others just a few years into their careers, who can truly relate to anyone just starting out.

We pick their brains so you can learn about the roles, opportunities and most importantly the routes into industry! To kick off the series, we’re talking to motion designers of all levels and different backgrounds.

Episode 3: George Dyson

George Dyson, Motion Designer at ETC, Film Director and all round top bloke, is the star of this month’s episode. When we spoke to George, we learned that there really is no one-size-fits-all path into the world of motion design, and that you don’t have to pigeon-hole yourself once you’re “in” either. If you’re looking for direction and inspiration, it’s well worth a listen. Here are some of the highlights you’ll learn:

  • Why a hard work ethic, amiable nature, and tech-savvy appetite are the skills you need for a successful motion design career
  • How harnessing wider trends in the creative scene will make you future-proof
  • What it’s really like to transition from education to the world of work
George Dyson

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