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Created Lates with George Dyson: The Billie Eilish breakdown

Zoe Weldon, Created

Ever wanted to get the real skinny on what it’s like to work on a high-end A-lister motion project? Of course you have.

Well, now’s your chance to dig in and find out more.

At this month’s Created Lates, motion designer and Created mentor, George Dyson AKA Greedy Goons, popped the hood and revealed all on his recent project, Billie Eilish x Telekom: What We Do Next.

The highs of highlights

Check out the highlights reel below, to see behind the scenes of the project and everything George got up to as the campaign’s VFX lead.

Pretty cool, right? Keep scrolling to see 5 more engrossing details all about the difference between VFX and motion, the creative process, team dynamics and more!

1. But what’s the difference between VFX and Motion, anyway?

That’s a great question and one we get asked a lot. Basically, VFX and motion are part of the same design field, but VFX artists work on different kinds of content, using different software, to motion designers.

On the Billie Eilish project, George got the title of VFX lead, even though he’s traditionally thought of as a motion designer. This is because he was working on bridging the gap between live footage and animation, which falls into the more technically-focused realm of VFX.

Here’s what George has to say on juggling these different skills:


So, as George said, choosing VFX or motion is all down to whether you’re more technically or design orientated.

Still curious? Do some more investigating into the software you might use in these two different roles. Below is a good place to start…

2. What does a lead motion designer do?

So, even though George was technically VFX Lead on this project, he really saw his role as Lead Motion Designer. Have a watch to find out why.

3. What’re the team dynamics like on a big project?

George takes a hot second to break down the nature of the creative relationships, between client, producer and designer and even manages to slip in that he might have Billie’s number. OMG, right?

Although this looks like a complicated mind map, once you get it, you’ll ready to jump right in. If you want to know even more about how to make a dream team, read this handy resource…

4. How do you crack the creative process?

Okay, so you’ve got your team organised and some fab ideas bubbling away…what then? Here’s George to take us through what you should expect in from the creative process on such a big budget project.

5. How to get the timeline right?

Whenever you’re working on a project, you need to factor in time to review, get feedback and implement changes. Then add a bit more, just in case.

Still not sure how? Take a look at the working schedule from the Billie Eilish X Telekom project. Bask in the power of those spreadsheets.

Want more? Watch the full event…

So there you have it, an exclusive peek at a celebrity commercial motion design project and how to smash it!

If you still want more, you greedy devil, have a gander at the full Created Lates video below.

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