4 (non-creepy) ways to woo clients this Valentine’s Day

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The design industry gets more competitive every year. It’s no longer enough to just do a good job. To keep a client’s business, you need to make them your biggest fans. In other words, they need to fall head over heels for you and your work.

So here are four smoking-hot dating professional tips to win client hearts. And keep them.

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1. Communicate, communicate, communicate

Any dating-guru or sex-therapist worth their column inches will tell you that communication is the key to a great relationship. And it’s the same with clients.

Don’t go all hot and heavy at the start of a project, only to ghost your client a few days before a deadline. Your client relations are bound to cool off if they have to bombard you with messages asking for updates. Set expectations up-front and check-in regularly and you’ll save yourself a lot of drama.

Take a cue from first-date etiquette too. Don’t go on and on about yourself and your process. Show you’re listening by asking insightful questions. A sincere compliment every now and then works wonders too!

2. Understand their needs

True love comes when you put the needs of others before your own so, when you’re designing, think about what the client is trying to achieve.

You might adore hand-drawn illustration, but if it’s wrong for the brand, it’s wrong for the client. There’s room for your creativity in any project, but ultimately you’re working to a brief.

Pick your battles wisely. You’ll be less stressed and more able to focus on what’s good in your partnership. Happy client, happy creative.

3. Whisk them away

Like on any memorable date, you need to set the scene, create a mood. Don’t rattle off your ideas like a robot. Take your client by the hand (metaphorically) and lead them on an exciting journey through your concept.

Light their imagination on fire and get them excited (not in that way).

The way you tell your story will show them you’ve understood their needs and you’re the only person who can make their vision a reality.

4. For better, for worse

Even the best couples have disagreements. It’s the same with clients and creatives, and it’s not personal.

Remember, your clients have their own agenda and experience. They’ll have plenty of opinions you may not agree with. But if you can see feedback as an opportunity for growth, you’ll be well on your way to developing a relationship that’ll weather any storm.

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