4 Ways to Bag a Job in Motion Design

Stephanie Garville & Zoe Weldon, Created

So, you’ve got the motion design know-how after reading this resource, and you’re raring to go. Now you’ve got to think about how the heck you’re going to get a job in motion design.

It’s all well and good having the skills, but how do you land your dream job and get that moolah flowing?

1. Get a showreel together

get your showreel together

It’s obvious, right? You’re not going to be able to bag a job in motion design with charm alone. You’ve got to prove you’ve got the skills they’re looking for.

So what are industry looking for in a showreel?

  • Short and sweet. No hiring manager wants to sit through a three-hour epic.
  • Best bits. Pick all the highlights from your portfolio and ditch the dregs.
  • Technical tricks. Show off a variety of your skills to get the edge.
  • Mix and match. Client work is impressive, but pet projects show passion.
  • Top tunes. A banging track will bring out the drama in your edits

If you’re still struggling, we highly recommend reading this article!

*Did you know YouTube creators library and Artlist have free music and sound effects you can use for your reel?

2. Stand out from the crowd

stand out from the crowd

Your showreel now rocks. You’re welcome. Feel free to send a fruit basket. But there’s more to getting hired in motion design than your work.

Anyone can ‘do the job’. To be an amazing creative, you need to be adaptable, self-motivated, communicate well, have emotional intelligence and ultimately be someone people like being around every day.

At Created, this is all part of what we teach. Our courses are made to get you technically savvy and ready to work as a human being working with other human beings.

3. Network, network, network

networking is important

Networking is the beating heart of the design industry. But it’s not as scary as it sounds. Here’s a few things you can do right now to get started…

  • Start a pro Instagram to show your work, your experiments and your love for all things design. Nerd out, go wild.
  • Follow your peers, studios and designers you want to be like, You’ll learn a lot along the way.
  • Go to live or online events with other like-minded people. And ACTUALLY CHAT TO THEM. They’re not scary, we promise.

4. Stalk those job boards

stalk the job boards

Word of mouth is a great way to get a job. If you do a good job you’re likely to get booked again in motion design. But keep your eyes peeled for jobs on LinkedIn. If you’re not on there already, set yourself up. What is this? 2007?

Keep tabs on studio websites, university job boards and have a scroll through these online job boards too:

We are Peas

The Dots
Creative Access

So there you have it. Step one: educate yourself. Step two: connect to the industry and work on yourself as a well rounded creative.

You’ll be a pro in no time.

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