Graduate Testimonials

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Get an insight into what it’s like to study with Created. Hear our student’s stories, where they’ve come from, their experiences with Created and what their futures hold.

The creatives you see below have all passed through our virtual walls, walked down our virtual corridors and have physically graduated from one of our Professional or Foundation courses.

Andrius Vizabaras
Freelance Motion Designer
Charlotte Temple
Idrees Saleem
Freelance Motion Designer
Laura Sybre
Freelance Motion Designer
Pili Enrich
Graphic Designer
Seb Camilleri
Freelance Motion Designer
John Collins
Freelance Motion & Graphic Designer
Joshua Wright
Freelance Designer
Karnn Bhullar
Print Technician
Joe Baxland
Motion Designer
Kieran David
Looking for opportunities
Robert Benniman
Designer & Social Media Manager
Ben Stevenson
Kaelum Edwards
Freelance Motion Graphic Designer
Cat Maciver
Graphic Designer
Anna Wanczyk
Independent Graphic Designer
Theresa Kerschner
Art Director
Madihah Hussain
Motion Graphics Designer
Katherine Fardell
Graphic Designer

Graduate Showreel – Motion Design Professional November 2019

Graduate Showreel – Motion Design Professional July 2020

Graduate Showreel – Motion Design Foundation September 2020

Stay tuned for more graduate showreels and testimonials from our current Motion Design Professional cohorts and new Motion Design Foundation course.

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