Graduate Testimonials – Motion Design

Hear from our Creators

Those who longed to upskill or make a career in motion design embarked on a one of a kind journey with us. They enrolled on Motion Design Professional, our course which gets you future-proofed and industry ready.

Learn about their experiences and see the work they made over nine months.

Andrius Vizabaras
Freelance Motion Designer
Charlotte Temple
Idrees Saleem
Freelance Motion Designer
Laura Sybre
Freelance Motion Designer
Pili Enrich
Graphic Designer
Seb Camilleri
Freelance Motion Graphic Designer & Artist Assistant
John Collins
Freelance Motion & Graphic Designer
Joshua Wright
Freelance Designer
Karnn Bhullar
Print Technician
Kieran David
Looking for opportunities
Robert Benniman
Designer & Social Media Manager
Ben Stevenson

What have our Creators produced on the course?

Why not watch their class graduation showreels…


Graduated in November 2019

Graduated in July 2020

Stay tuned for more graduate showreels and testimonials from our current Motion Design Professional cohorts and new Motion Design Foundation course.

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