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Created In Motion Design

Created In Motion Design is our industry-led course in motion graphics and design – 9 months and part-time, it’s built to help you land your dream career in the creative industry.

Whether your background is in graphic design, animation or similar, our course will give you the mindset, skillset and portfolio to accelerate your career.

You’ll tackle industry briefs, build your professional skills and improve your practice. You’ll work, support and collaborate with other career-hungry creatives and will leave with everything you need to become an indisputable creative force.

  • How you'll learn

    People learn best by doing. That’s why Created courses are built around tasks and briefs. You’ll work on real industry projects, following the Created process until you’re presenting a final concept directly to clients.

    People also learn best when they define their own schedule. We know how busy life can be, so our course blends in-person and online content to fit around you. You’ll work in groups and individually, in London and remotely.

    You’ll always learn on your own terms, but you won’t have to go at it alone. Your experience is mapped out by industry to ensure you’re always growing in the areas employers highly prize.

  • What you'll learn

    Industry look for fully rounded people when hiring new motion design talent. They expect high levels of skill, but also a great sense of professionalism and a deep self-awareness. That’s why on Created In Motion Design you will:

    • Level-up your practice, starting with our technical bootcamp to hone in on those important software skills. With that under your belt, we’ll introduce you to the various industry ways of working, from in-house through to freelance. At each stage, you’ll answer an industry brief, giving you the chance to finesse your creative process and produce 6 new pieces for your portfolio.
    • Develop important self-knowledge so you can perform at your best. With the help of a professional coach you’ll gain insight into your motivations, strengths, values, habits and natural working style, so your creativity can flourish.
    • Build the professional competencies you need to work collaboratively, communicate effectively across lots of platforms and show real understanding of methods the industry uses – all with the guidance of an industry mentor.
  • What you'll get

    The course is goal-centric and packed with everything you need to accelerate your career in motion design:

    • Real industry experience, collaborating with working professionals on industry-standard briefs. You’ll work on at least 5 during the 9 months to help you build a stellar portfolio.
    • A growing network – you’ll work with a mix of creatives on the course as well as motion designers already in industry.
    • Professional Coaching: 6 1-to-1 sessions 
    • Mentoring: 5 1-to-1 sessions with a professional motion designer and 1 group mentoring session
    • 9 month access to our bespoke online learning content, specifically produced for Created In Motion Design
  • Course Cost

    We’ve got a plan to suit all needs. Pick the best way for you to invest in your career…

    Pay in full, make a saving

    Have a budget set aside? Want to make a saving where possible? This is your best bet.

    £4,900, paid in full

    A non-refundable £500 deposit is required up-front to secure your place.

    Go flexible

    Prefer to spread the costs? Check out our monthly plan if you need to stretch it.

    £5,250, paid in monthly instalments (£472 per month x 9 months).

    A non-refundable £1000 deposit is required up-front to secure your place.

    For a more bespoke payment plan, please contact the Admissions team at [email protected] or call us at +44 (0)77 3192 9742.

    Student Loan

    A student loan is available for eligible applicants through Lendwise.

    Based on future earnings potential – Lendwise look at more than just your credit score, with the loan term length up to 10 years and representative APR of 9.11% (each interest rate is specific to an individual and your interest may differ).

    Fixed interest rate offered and with no early repayment penalties incurred. No guarantor or co-signor required. Eligible for UK residents only.

    For more info or to apply click here.

    Mates rates

    Know someone Created In Motion Design would be perfect for? Refer a friend and if they enrol on the course, that’s £100 in your pocket! There’s no limit to how many people you refer either, so spread the love.

Course Duration

9 Months, part-time

Course Structure

7 Blocks, 3-7 weeks each

Course Delivery

Online and in person

Live Events

7 London-based events

Industry Briefs

5 new projects for your portfolio

Pro Coaching

4 1-to-1 sessions

Pro Mentoring

6 1-to-1 sessions

Course Cost

From £4900

Tech Requirements

Creative Cloud: AI. PS. AE. ID.

Developed with industry

We’ve partnered with the world’s biggest companies, studios and brands.
Not only will they be sharing know-how, they’ll be setting actual briefs to include in your portfolio, as well as giving feedback to help you go from 0 to 60.


I wish I'd had this when I was in uni. I'd probably be in a different place now.

Course Requirements

Our technical bootcamp covers the technical basics of motion design so that you can brush up on your skills, but we’re not launching from a standing start. To get the most out of this course, you will already need to have mastered the following basics:

  • Adobe After Effects [level: basic – intermediate]
  • Adobe Photoshop [level: intermediate]
  • Adobe Illustrator [level: intermediate]
  • Adobe Premiere [level: basic]
  • Experience of Google for work apps [level: basic]

Software required:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Cinema 4D (contact us about C4D student licences)
mentors and coaches

Your mentors and coaches

You don’t get just get hired if you’re great at what you do. You also have to be great at how you do it. So, throughout the course, you’ll receive six 1-2-1 mentoring sessions with a professional Visual Designer and four 1-2-1 coaching sessions with a professional coach.

Created mentors are working creatives a few years ahead of you who’ve blazed the trail you’re just starting out on. They are there to guide you, doling out wisdom from their real-life experiences. Separate from mentors, coaches are trained experts in coaching for results. Our coaches are not here to tell you the answers, but to help you find them for yourself, support your creativity and enable you to thrive when things get tough.

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