Created is a completely new kind of academy. We’re committed to giving you the kind of skills that creative people need to succeed in the real world.

We’re passionate about helping you develop an industry-ready skillset that employers will bite your hand off for. We do this through our flexible and hands-on courses, which we’ve developed with leading industry partners.

Our courses take place online, so you can combine them with part-time or even full-time work. But unlike other learning platforms, we don’t just dump a load of lessons on you and leave you to get on with them. You’ll be working on real-world briefs, and our experts will be there to guide you throughout your journey, keeping you motivated, answering your questions and steering you towards your dream job.

Ready? We've got your back
  • Why we work

    Unlike other educators, Created develops every element of you that’s necessary to break into industry and flourish. Employers insist you have the practical, personal and professional skills, so our innovative take on learning supercharges you in all three areas. The creatives of the future who’ll stand the test of time, will embody all three.

  • What you’ll get

    In truth, that’s up to you. But it’s all for the taking. Our nine month motion design course is goal-centric, so no two journeys will be the same. What matters, is that you get to create the change you want and we’ll give you mentoring, coaching, real industry briefs, portfolio projects, community support, a technical bootcamp and trade secrets to get you there.

  • Flexible and part-time

    Our part-time courses happen online and in person. You’ll have access to industry experts at key points in your journey and the freedom to learn anywhere, at any time. Whether you learn by watching, listening, reading or making, Created’s tools and content are built to best suit your needs.

  • Supported not lectured

    There are no teachers at Created, only experts who live and breathe the creative industry.

    We work closely with industry leaders to bring cutting-edge thinking to the table, making sure the knowledge you have isn’t just up-to-date, but relevant to building your career.

We’re backed by industry

We’ve partnered with the best in the industry to design and deliver our courses.


The wholeness of the course, skills and personal development were the things I was searching for

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